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Responsible Travel, Tourism and the Environment.

Responsible Travel, Tourism and the Environment

Employing more people in the world than any other, the tourism industry is the largest, and possibly one of the most important industries worldwide.

As we are exploring the furthest reaches of the world, over-development, destruction of environments and mistrust from locals due to cultural misunderstandings is happening all over.

We believe Tourism does not have to cause these effects; and by getting to know the locals and the land we can work together to become mutually beneficial to one another by allowing us to visit previously un-seen areas and provide a positive tourism impact whilst preserving the natural environments we come to visit.

In Europe, tourism can provide rural communities with employment and help educate us further regarding other people's ways of life, culture and beliefs. This is exactly what we try to do and try to provide our guests, when travelling to Bulgaria.

Our top priorities are the well-being of the communities that host us as well as the environment, which we are visiting. To do this we use local guides and facilitators, well respected in the community, who have shown us the tracks and trails we may never otherwise discover. Follow their lead, listen to their instructions; they are here for you and your safety and enjoyment. If in any doubt, just ask.

Responsible Travel, Tourism and the Environment

Of course, we also work with many people as well as the guides to create the best experience for both the locals, and our guests. We use locally owned accommodation and restaurants, giving both ourselves a truly authentic experience of Bulgaria, whilst also putting money directly into the community.

We follow the country code, do not litter, and slow down for people and animals. Respect the law and customs of where we ride.

Remember that when travelling abroad you become an ambassador for your country. Everything you do reflects on all of us. Always endeavour to be polite, courteous and good natured.

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